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ONLINE Training

With over a decade of experience, numerous courses, seminars and mentorships, we aim to bring you the most up-to-date, science backed programs which are easy to follow.
Online Training is supposed to be fun and enjoyable. We aim to make the sessions as enjoyable as possible. We also understand that life is for living, so go and enjoy that ice cream or that glass of wine.
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Karen Logan

“My programs are designed to get you the results you are looking for; whether that’s strength, mobility, fat loss, muscle gain or even just to improve mental health; whilst having a program that you can actually enjoy and sustain.”

I have been in the fitness industry for about seven years. Growing up, I was always active. I spent my childhood doing years of dancing, cheerleading, gymnastics and trampolining, and I always….

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Stephen Woods

The way I program and coach my clients is all about finding things that work for them!

I want you to ask me questions. Question everything. I’m all about educating you as much as possible. Everyone is different, let’s find something that works for you!