Don’t just take our word for it..


I have been a client of NKD Transformations for 2 years now and as lame as it sounds it honestly has changed my life. I have lost over 15kgs and gained a wealth of knowledge about exercise and a healthy diet and the importance of balance in my work life. I actually ENJOY exercise now! It’s crazy. The exercises are enjoyable and even though I am regularly put into the “pain cave” it’s totally worth it. Not only are they great coaches but they are all round great people at NKD Transformations and I am so thankful I found such a wonderful team! Maddie Truesdale, 26.

NKD Transformations have helped me 10 fold like you wouldn’t believe. Even though I’ve now stopped Online Coaching, I haven’t stopped applying what I learned, and for the first time for as long as I can remember I can happily not go to the gym and know my body isn’t going to pile the pounds back on. It’s literally changed how my body is running to allow me the freedom to do what I want and not have to worry about putting on weight cause I’m now naturally at this stage which gives me this platform to work from rather than how I was a year ago, so thank you. Kiernin Hanna, 23.

Stephen is unlike any trainer I’ve met before, he is approachable, fun and makes every session enjoyable. He has a positive attitude which encourages you to try harder in every workout.

Stephen has adjusted my program to suit my injuries on multiple occasions so I could continue to progress with my fitness. He always inspires me to be the best I can be in many ways. Miquela Biggs, 26.

I started my health and gym journey about 15 years ago. Over that time I have trained with many trainers and this has led me to become very discerning about who I want to train with. Stephen is exactly the type of trainer I love to work with. He is passionate, authentic and hardworking. Stephen’s love of focusing on good technique and the balance between hard-work and recovery; really connects with me. I know my goals will become reality. Emma Waller, 43.

I have been with NKD Transformations for six months and highly recommend them to anyone seeking expert advice regarding diet and exercise. Steve has tailored a training program to suit my goals and is continually making adjustments to reflect my ability, performance and motivation. I’ve found Steve to be knowledgeable in all aspects my training, whether it be compound lifts, cycling or interval training. I find the NKD Transformations training app to be functional and intuitive, and Steve’s responsiveness to my queries is excellent. As someone who prefers individual training to classed based workouts, NKD Transformations keeps me focussed and motivated to achieve my goals. David Horwell, 35.