I ask the question as I sit at a café in Brisbane, sippin’ on my latte and taking a bite of my cake. Oh, the irony. Eating sh*t food while doing a blog on nutrition. Don’t worry my angels, the cake was gluten free and organic, so it’s only half the calories… right?! 

Anyway, back to the question. In our industry, the main problem people have is food and nutrition. We hear a lot of people saying they’re going to see a nutritionist or a dietician to get a meal plan. Nutritionist and dieticians are highly qualified people and they are essential for people who have things like eating disorders or autoimmune diseases like celiac or diabetes. 

That leads to the question:

Do you need to go and see a nutritionist or a dietician? 

Probably not. 

Nutritionists and dieticians aren’t magic. They’re not going to give you a magic pill and suddenly make you look like The Rock. They’re going to work with you, over a long period of time and help you make small habitual changes to your diet. This is exactly what we do with our clients. We meet you where you’re at, we work with you, guide you and educate you so that you have some skills that you can use every day. Let’s be honest, carrying those micro scales to measure your food is just plain ridiculous… STOP IT NOW! Enjoy your cake. 

I used to hate blog posts where they tell you some information, but don’t give you anything to use or try. So, something we picked up from Precision Nutrition is this calorie control guide using hand measurements. It’s something we regularly refer our clients to, especially beginners. Check it out here. https://www.precisionnutrition.com/calorie-control-guide

This is an amazing tool for the everyday person who doesn’t really care about counting calories or macros and just wants something that is easy to follow. It’s also individualised to you because your hand is usually relevant to the size of your body. Unless you’re like my big mate Pedro, who has size 18 shovel hands at 5ft 2. If you’re like Pedro, you may need to half the portions. For everyone else, you should be good!

We see online coaching as an investment into your future. We know we’re not going to be with you forever. In fact, we plan to phase you out at some point when you’re ready. We’re actively working to get rid of you… who even says that? But it’s true. It’s an investment into your future, so you know you don’t need to keep doing those stupid fad diets and can make educated decisions on how to train and what to eat.