Should you use a mixed or not?


When it comes to lifting, I prefer people to use a hook grip. The reason for this is because a mixed grip tends to lead to imbalances in the body due to one hand being internally rotated and the other being externally rotated.


Another reason I like it is because it helps improve grip strength and also has carry over onto other movements such as snatches and cleans, whereas a mixed grip wouldn’t.


At first, the hook grip is awkward and uncomfortable. I got used to it by practicing it with everything!


And I mean everything. Warm ups with the dowel stick, then onto the bar and then onto lifts. Don’t get me wrong, you won’t be able to lift anywhere near as much to start with, but keep at it and if you want to lift heavier I’d recommend using lifting straps instead of the mixed grip.


Get into it and let me know if you’ve got any feedback.