What is

Personal Training?

Personal Training is 1-1 in person training, where you have a coach programming and helping you achieve your goals. One of the reasons we believe everyone should have a personal trainer is to help educate you.

This is important because if you don’t get the right exercise, you’ll never achieve your goals. This is important because if you don’t know which programs/ exercises are most effective for your goals, you are unlikely to achieve them and education also helps reduce the risk of injuries.

With our programs, we have everything fully customised to YOU and YOUR goals/ skill level and training age. This can include working with your physio/ healthcare professional to get you fit and healthy again.

We start every program with a

Comprehensive Questionnaire

This helps us plan out your goals. In this process we help you set realistic goals and ensure they are specific enough to work on. !

We then arrange a consultation where we go over this to really get to know you and understand the reasons behind these goals.

From there, we design the program and plan out 6-12 months of training. We like to plan ahead so there is no guesswork and everything falls into place nicely.

We also like to show our clients this, so they can see where they’re going as well.

Then it’s GO-TIME!

All of our programs are a minimum of 12 weeks, but they usually span further. The main reason for this is that we’re going to need to work with you for a period of time to understand what you enjoy, and what works best for your body. We also have a “get healthy’ first policy. Fat loss and quick transformations look awesome, but you’ll quickly gain that weight again if you’re not healthy. By health, we focus on getting all your biomarker in check, such as blood pressure, resting heart rate and HRV then progressing on from there.

Who is personal

Training For?

  • People of all levels – in person training is special because you have a coach with you teaching and educating you through all movements

  • People who need the accountability to show up and do the work

  • People who simply want out the house

I have been a client of NKD Transformations for 2 years now and as lame as it sounds it honestly has changed my life. I have lost over 15kgs and gained a wealth of knowledge about exercise and a healthy diet and the importance of balance in my work life. I actually ENJOY exercise now! It’s crazy.
The exercises are enjoyable and even though I am regularly put into the “pain cave” it’s totally worth it.
Not only are they great coaches but they are all round great people at NKD Transformations and I am so thankful I found such a wonderful team!
maddie truesdale, 26

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